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Sunday, December 26, 2004

"You can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the country out of Salem."

I did a post on 11-03-04, the day after the election, that was entitled in part:
"It Was Too Big a Job even for the Talented Alchemists."

The title had reference to a 10-19-04 post entitled in part "The Alchemists at Work on Kerry," that concluded by noting:

"One of my attorney friends says you can't make chicken salad out of chicken s___. I used to agree with him. But hey, we're doing it."

In a 12-14-04 post I wrote:

"Do you remember those lines I had in a 11-02-04 post:

"'It's not for nothing that people in Massachusetts joked that his initials stand for Just For Kerry. Or that people spoke of him as the guy who refuses to wait in lines at restaurants because he thinks he's above everybody else.'

"When writing about those lines a couple of days later, I wrote in a 11-06-04 post:

"I know some people who think they are too good to wait in lines at a restaurant with the rest of us proletariats and commoners. I don't care for people who think they are too good to wait in lines at a restaurant, such people thinking they are above the rest of us."

I readily acknowledge that referring to our Presidential candidate as "chicken s___" was disrespect and inappropriate. Did I feel bad about it? I should, and used to wish I did. I have never respected the man, as you know, and can add now that based on what I learned today, I never will.

The irony of my saying this is that I am similar to Will Rogers in being able to say that, with the exception of a handful or so out there, "I never met a man I didn't like."

Today my dislike -- almost despising him -- increased.

It was revealed on The Georgia Gang that of the 100 U.S. Senators, all but one of them has spoken to Georgia's soon to be our senior Senator, Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Could this have been one's imagination?

In addition to other times, on one occasion, the two were riding in the same elevator, and Kerry refused to speak to Sen. Chambliss.

This behavior on by Kerry renders him, in my opinion, a petty, despicable nothing. And I would feel the same way if Kerry refused to speak to anyone else you might point out to me, friend or foe.

A post I did yesterday noted:

"Even the after-hours camaraderie of Washington is gone. Republicans hang with Republicans, Democrats with Democrats -- and they all get out of town as fast as possible. A little bourbon would do wonders for our dysfunctional government."

But not speaking to someone, another U.S. Senator, goes beyond Washington's partisanship and lack of civility and congeniality. It even goes beyond rudeness and lack of proper respect.

And less some might want to chime in with comments on Sen. Chambliss, let me note that -- although he is a good Republican just as I consider myself a good Democrat -- you will not find a more senatorial, personable and pleasant guy.

Many do not agree with his Republican philosophy and ways, but like him. I don't know of anyone what doesn't who knows him.

He was my Congressman for eight years; we worked on projects together; our kids attended law school together; he called me when I qualified to run for the U.S. Senate; he attended the funeral of my dear friend Max Lockwood. In short, I know the guy, and have known him for years.

He is a gentleman, and our being in different parties did not keep me from acknowledging our friendship and working relationship on my website.

Holidays are times when we often get out of our regular groove. Truly, I wish I had been out of mine today, and had not learned that Kerry was such a small and petty person.

At least he didn't put his finger in our Senator's chest as his spouse has been known to do.

P.S. Interestingly, Sen. Chambliss also informed The Georgia Gang panel that Sen. Ted Kennedy was most collegial to be around, and was easy and a pleasure with whom to work (and only did his ranting and raving on the Senate floor).

Such a contrast of the two Senators from Massachusetts reminds me of an ad you younger folks missed. Winston used to be the big non-menthol cigarette; Salem the predominate menthol cigarette, and when advertising of cigarettes was allowed under FCC rules, these two powerhouses did their share.

One recurring ad and theme that Salem had was one or more persons in the forest; one could almost feel the breeze and smell the fresh leaves and outdoors, etc.

The ad would note: "You can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the country out of Salem."


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Anonymous Luscious Lars Anderson said...

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