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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DPG State Committee & Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs (GADCC) have successful meetings in Macon. - GADCC hears Gov. Vilsack.

Monday's Political Insider reported that Gov. Tom Vilsack was in Atlanta on Saturday to "visit with some influential Democrats. Later that night, Vilsack [went] to Macon to speak to the Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs."

I cannot tell you how many members that make up GADCC would meet the Political Insider's description of being "influential," but there is one description that describes them all -- workhorses of the party.

Thank your local county chair for what they do for us the next time you see one of them.

The Political Insider also noted that Gov. Vilsack stated that "[t]he manufacturing middle class of this country is under attack, and there doesn't seem to be any response to that." Gov. Vilsack spoke about this and the theme of "community" during his delivery to GADCC Saturday in one of the best stump speeches both in delivery and content that I have heard in years.

This man is going to be a serious contender in 2008 for the Democratic nominee based on the reaction of the GADCC Saturday evening. And don't think for a moment that he does not recognize the value of the role of faith in the public square.

He stated that Christ himself removed the fear of sharing with our neighbors as revealed in His feeding of the 5,000 with only 3 fish and 5 loaves.

One poignant comment the Gov. made concerned America immediately after 9/11. He stated that after 9/11 President Bush had an opportunity to unify the nataion, and this is what all of us wanted, for when we as a country act as one, there is no stronger country on the face of the earth. But rather than do this, Bush used it to divide us.

And already have gone into Gov. Vilsack remarks more than I intended, let me note in closing on this part of the evening that he reminded us that as a party were must stand for security, letting Americans know that we will insure the safety of every American, regardless of the cost, and that health care should be regarded as a right, not a privilege.

The Political Insider noted that "[i]t'll be interesting to hear how [Gov. Vilsack] played before the county chairmen." Messrs. Galloway and Baxter, he was strong, real strong, and the reaction was a strong standing ovation.

But this was not the only standing ovation of the evening. There was electricity and excitement wherever former Gov. Roy Barnes went Saturday evening. In his introduction of Gov. Vilsack it was obvious that their was mutual admiration between these two greats. Their relationship and friendship was apparent, and Gov. Barnes did a fine an introduction as can be had anywhere. And yes, he before and after extended standing ovations.

And there were more standing ovations, in particular, for the recipient of the 2005 Richard B. Russell Public Service Award, the Honorable Thurbert Baker, Attorney General for the State of Georgia.

In accepting the award Mr. Baker reminded us that:

• If we don't stand for anything, then we stand for nothing;

• A fair health plan managed by American physicians is what America was brought up on;

• We must find a way to allow teachers to teach;

• Democrats started HOPE;

• If you argue the cost of education is too much, what is the cost of ignorance; and

• As a party we have led the fight for women.

The crowd's response was both loud and enthusiastic for the Attorney General, and as noted, his short remarks were preceded and followed for standing ovations.

This annual GADCC fund-raiser provides funds for the organization's various missions, one of which is assisting active Democratic County Committee reach out and organize those in other counties with inactive or weak committees.

I know about this particular part of GADCC's mission because GADCC is presently assisting Coffee County help some of our neighboring counties reorganize in preparation for 2006 and 2008. What we are attempting to do is assist these other counties that either do not have an county committee or need help to strengthen one.

This is in keeping with GADCC's purpose of building a grassroot network of county parties.

Earlier in the day the State Committee engaged in a lengthy and highly productive discussion of our party's message. Despite the considerable time delegated to this crucial topic, Chairman Bobby Kahn indicated that the topic would remain front and center, and further reports and refinements to the party would be forthcoming.


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