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Saturday, October 30, 2004

John Flipflop Kerry has not been an easy man to stand by his side. -- The low post; the high post; and one hilarious post.

When this thing is over and W is sent back to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, wouldn't it be nice if the powers that be could revisit the primary process by which we now choose our nominee.

I will remain convinced that Edwards would have been a much easier sell, providing a candidate who we could have gotten ourselves and others excited about rather than just providing an alternative to the cowboy.

Bush has done all that could have possibly been expected of him to assure himself one term, following the footsteps of his father (who, though I had to overcome my feelings that he was a wimp, was a much better President than Jr.).

And Kerry bless his heard has done just about everything in the book wrong until he finally started listening to Clinton & company late in the game. And even so, the man refuses or is above saying hey, I goofed up on a couple of things, and apologize, just as is the case with the infallible and inexorable Bush who has led his Potemkin Presidency.

(See 08-31-04 post referring to a 08-29-04 entitled "Sen. Kerry, the Olympics bring to mind the Greek Tragedies and the word catharsis -- And we Americans are a forgiving people.")

Rather than the good, the bad and the ugly, let's try (1) the low point for me; (2) the high point for me, and (3) the if you can't laugh at this, then you take this stuff too seriously.

(If you want to substitute post for point as noted in the title, that works for me; basketball is my game, college basketball that is.)

The low point for me:

We wrote about it in the 08-10-04 post entitled "Kerry said what about Iraq? -- Be careful here Senator." The day after the dumb remark at the Grand Canyon, after he had had a week to think about it, and we would later learn, not followed the advice of his handlers, the next day the headlines were as follows:

The headline in the ajc: "Kerry says Bush was right to invade Iraq."

The headline in the Washington Post: "In Hindsight, Kerry Says He'd Still Vote for War Challenged by President, Democrat Spells Out Stance"

Excerpts from the 08-10-04 post:

"Responding to President Bush's challenge to clarify his position, Sen. John F. Kerry said Monday that he still would have voted to authorize the war in Iraq even if he had known then that U.S. and allied forces would not find weapons of mass destruction."

"Last Friday, Bush challenged Kerry to answer yes or no to the question of whether he would support the war 'knowing what we know now' about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction that U.S. and British officials were certain were there."

"Is Kerry going to continue allowing the President to set the agenda?"

"We will hear more about this Kerry 'yes' between now and November -- especially during the debates -- than his earlier I did but I didn't."

The high point for me:

The 1st Debate (if you thought I was going to say his acceptance speech at the convention, I would say I would have to rate this as my biggest "relief" and "sigh" part of the campaign; that night we found out that at least we had a run at the White House despite not having the most appealing candidate).

In my post dated 10-02-04 post was entitled in part "The Bush Scowl is destined take its place with the Gore Sigh and the Dean Scream."

But the Bush Scowl was not what made this the high point of this long campaign season.

Rather Debate No. 1 gave me and fellow Democrats my truly first reason to smile since Sen. John Flipflop Kerry got the nomination.

After the Thursday night debate, the 10-02-04 post states:

"On Friday morning [after Debate No. 1] Democrats all over the United States emerged from their homes with a new spring in their steps. After the presidential debate the night before, many of them had a new experience: It was possible to be for John Kerry and not just against President Bush."

And finally, and as with the Good Master's story about the wine at the wedding party, the best being saved for last, the if you can't laugh at this, then you take this stuff too seriously:

If any Philistines are around, turn the volume down so they can't hear. But when you start chuckling yourself, and one asks "What's so funny," heck, go ahead and share it with 'em. It won't change any minds at this point, but it sure confirms what I said at the first part of this post about the man being a hard one to stand by.

I love it, and Go Democrats!! The link is appropriately named: The Ultimate John Kerry Ad. Double click on it now and enjoy.

(And if you think I am being sort of flippant here at the end, acting if if we have the hay is in the barn, know the truth. While optimistic, I am scared to death.)


Blogger rusty said...

I voted for Edwards in the primary, but have since had buyer's remorse. He'd have been chewed up by the Republican attack machine. They're a vicious breed of freaks. Kerry has weathered it far better than anyone else in the primaries could have. It may not be sexy, but it might just work. We'll find out Tuesday.

5:24 PM  

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