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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Georgia Court of Appeals: Bernes, Sheffield & (not Tom, Dick or Harry) Mead, Part II. -- Debra Bernes clearly is the best candidate.

The previous Georgia Court of Appeals post of yesterday was entitled "Ga. Court of Appeals: Bernes, Sheffield & (not Tom, Dick or Harry) Mead, Part I. -- The prior debate, State Bar Poll; "the" questionnaire; etc." In it I reviewed the events leading up to the runoff being postponed, and shared my reasons for why I am going to vote for Debra Bernes.

What about hearing from some others?

Okay, how about someone down my way, such as The Albany Herald. In a 08-07-04 post, the title tells it all: "Bring it on baby -- The Albany Herald endorses Ct. of Appeals candidate Bernes."

And then we have The Atlanta-Journal Constitution (ajc), noting in an Oct. 15, 2004 endorsement that "Bernes the best blend of legal expertise and judicial termperament." It also noted:

"Bernes spent 20 years in the Cobb County district attorney's office and has written more than 420 appellate briefs. She entered private practice five years ago and is immediate past president of the Cobb Bar Association.

"As a prosecutor, Bernes worked on many high-profile cases, including handling legal motions in the Cobb County prosecution of Fred Tokars, the Atlanta lawyer convicted of arranging the brutal 1992 murder of his wife, Sara."

And also down my way, sort of, The Savannah Morning News, noting that Bernes "has the best combination of experience, knowledge and temperament in a three-candidate field." (Morning News.)

[Other endorsements by the Savannah Morning News include: Bush, Isakson, Burns, Baker (for PSC), "No" for Amendment No. 1 [yes, that's right, "No" for # 1], and "Yes" for Amendment No. 2.]

And The Augusta Chronicle (Chronicle), noting:

"Her experience is tough to beat.

"Debra Bernes is a former 20-year Cobb County assistant district attorney, and now a general practitioner in Marietta. She has 25 years of experience in appellate work, having authored or co-authored 400 briefs and argued some 60 cases before the appellate court and Georgia Supreme Court. She is a leader in her profession - immediate past secretary of the Georgia Bar Association's Appellate Section, and immediate past president of the Cobb County Bar Association - and in her community: Kiwanis, Jaycees, Junior League and more.

"Beyond all this, we like Debra Bernes because, as a 20-year prosecutor, she is tough as nails. And, just as important, she promises to interpret the law, not make it. That is paramount today, with so many courts overstepping their bounds."

There are others listed on her website, but they are along this line and this gives a good flavor.


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