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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Looking for a Democratic upset? The race for school superintendent has possibilities: Valarie Wilson is a former president of the Georgia School Boards Association

From the AJC's Political Insider:

[Valorie] Wilson, an African-American, is a former president of the Georgia School Boards Association, and a former member of the Decatur city school board.

[Michael] Thurmond comes at the school superintendent’s race not as a number-cruncher, but as a political historian. In 1998, by winning election as labor commissioner, Thurmond became the first African-American in Georgia to win a statewide election to an open office. There has not been another since.

Wilson could become the second – and a rallying point for African-Americans who are being asked to back white Democrats for governor and U.S. Senate. “This race is not important just in a racial sense, it’s important strategically,” Thurmond said.

He sees another parallel. Like other lesser statewide races, the contest for state school superintendent is a cash-starved affair. As of Sept. 30, Wilson had raised a total of $147,414. Woods had raised $42,720.

Wilson has . . . a network of Georgia school board members across the state. “Unless you come to the table with some sort of organization, you can’t survive. That’s how you beat the down-ballot drop off,” he said.


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