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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Iraqi Leader Struggles to Fill Two Top Security Posts in Cabinet - Plans to Nominate Candidate from Shiite Militia as Interior Minister

From The Wall Street Journal:

BAGHDAD—Iraq’s prime minister is set to nominate a candidate from an Iranian-backed Shiite militia as interior minister, according to an adviser, a choice that risks stoking sectarian tensions at the heart of the country’s current crisis.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is poised to concede to pressure from the Badr Corps to appoint one of its own to the post, said his adviser Ghassan al-Husseini and a Badr Corps lawmaker. Sunnis despise the Badr organization, alleging it committed abuses during the height of sectarian warfare in 2005-2007.

Mr. Abadi, a Shiite, took office in August, promising to form an inclusive government to help stem the political estrangement of the Sunni minority that has fueled the success of Sunni extremist group Islamic State.

But two months into his tenure, his pledge is faltering under the weight of the same sectarian divisions that have plagued the nation since the 2003 American invasion.

The prime minister has failed to fulfill a promise he made when he took office in August to fill the two top security posts in his cabinet—the interior and defense ministers—within a week.

“Abadi is going through a real crisis to the degree that he cannot even reach the minimum of requirements needed for the right security ministers,” said Talal al-Zobaee, a Sunni lawmaker. “Security ministers should be a technocrats, not related to any political party.”


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