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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assuming she wins the Democratic primary, she will not beat Brown, even in Mass. -- Elizabeth Warren Jumping Into Race for Scott Brown’s Senate Seat

Ms. Warren is a fine person and in other times could win a campaign for public office. But she won't win this one. Below it says that Sen. Brown shocked Democrats by winning the seat long held by Sen. Ted Kennedy. It didn't shock me. It was all about President Obama and his disconnect with America. It was a harbinger of the coming disaster that would occur in November 2010, although Obama ignored the handwriting on the wall.

From The New York Times:

Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard law professor who has battled the financial industry as a consumer advocate, will announce her candidacy Wednesday for what will probably be a high-profile race against Senator Scott P. Brown.

Democrats salivate at the thought of unseating Mr. Brown, a popular freshman who shocked them in 2010 by winning the seat that Edward M. Kennedy held for 47 years. National Democrats, in particular, have been eager for Ms. Warren to join the race after deciding that the field lacked a standout.

Ms. Warren’s attacks on the banking industry after the economic collapse won her acclaim among liberal Democrats. She helped create the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, but President Obama decided against tapping her to run it after Senate Republicans threatened to block her nomination


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