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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forget party affiliation; think about America & our grandkids. It is time to rally around Senators Chambliss, Warner, Coburn, Durbin, Crapo & Conrad.

Yesterday I did a post entitled "A group of courageous senators: Saxby Chambliss, Mark Warner, Tom Coburn, Dick Durbin, Mike Crapo and Kent Conrad."

Today The Wall Street Journal reports what we all know in an artile entitled "Entitlements Won't See Big Cuts."

Since most politicians will not take the first step in doing what we as a nation know we must do, it is time to speak out and support those willing to step up to the plate and take some political risk. Doing so will help encourage others to do what our country must do if it avoid a financial meltdown down the road. The WSJ article notes:

The president and congressional Republicans moved this week toward a clash over spending cuts needed in light of growing deficits, but both sides are largely deferring a major budget challenge: how to overhaul the costly entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Both sides have expressed a willingness to discuss changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but so far neither has advanced a detailed plan, wary of the political risks.

Although Mr. Obama has argued that curbing the largest entitlement programs is crucial to addressing the long-term fiscal problems facing the U.S., his budget for the coming fiscal year isn't expected to propose overhauls for them.

The absence of debate over Social Security and Medicare and the fireworks over discretionary spending are frustrating to deficit hawks, who had hoped that longer-term fiscal problems would be engaged this year in the wake of deficit-reduction recommendations made by a bipartisan White House commission.


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