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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well said Dick Yarbrough: If Sen. Eric Johnson & others want to send their child to private schools, fine. But don't do it with my tax dollars.

Dick Yarbrough writes:

One gubernatorial candidate has managed to distinguish himself from the others with his view on school vouchers. At a recent meeting of the Georgia School Boards Association, Eric Johnson, a former state senator, said his support of vouchers - which would allow the state to give tax dollars to underwrite private school tuition - reflects his "bedrock faith in free-market principles."

If Johnson, a Savannah Republican, is such a free-market disciple, why doesn't he just get rid of public schools altogether? I believe if parents want to send their child to private schools, more power to them. But don't do it with my tax dollars.

You may be sure that if Johnson is elected governor and Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, wins re-election and maintains his role as majority leader, you will see a strong push for school vouchers.

And James Salzer writes in the ajc:

In addition to presiding over recession-induced budget cuts, some of the leading [Republican] candidates support school vouchers. Former state Senate leader Eric Johnson has made them a top priority to help parents pay for private schools. Public education groups fear vouchers would siphon money away from public schools.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, I guess you are against Tuition Equalization Grants which are state funds that go to private colleges like Emory, Morehouse, etc.. How about Hope Scholarship money that is used by Georgia Students to attend private colleges and universities in Georgia? Are you against that program too? Both of those programs were started by Democrats-led Georgia General Assemblies. Both programs involve Georgia tax payers money to support Georgia residents attend private schools.
Are you for getting rid of them?

10:19 PM  

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