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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rep. Marshall: We need to insist that our representatives quit moving farther & farther towards the political fringes & come back towards the center.

I visited Blog for Democracy today and I saw that my friend Rep. Jim Marshall is getting kicked around a bit. I thought it would be a good time to revisit a 6-5-05 post from the Cracker Squire Archives:

Speaking to the Rotary Club Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall said that domestic issues like Medicaid and the deficit should be top priority for Congress, not partisan politics.Marshall, a decorated Vietnam veteran, law professor and former mayor of Macon, will take the place of longtime Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop in representing Tifton if new redistricting maps are approved.

In no uncertain terms, Marshall expressed his “pessimism” towards the prospect of Congress doing anything productive about vital domestic programs and mounting deficits and trade imbalances, and said that congressional politicians need to quit politicizing judicial nominees.

“Enough is enough,” Marshall said. “Americans need to come out and insist that their representatives quit moving farther and farther towards the political fringes and come back towards the center to get these vital domestic issues solved.”

Marshall said that over the last 20 years the political landscape of the country has moved from one with the majority of the country living in areas where a Republican or Democrat could be elected to a growing population of stubborn voters who vote for one party consistently every term.

A conservative Democrat, Marshall criticized the Bush Administration for “playing politics” with judicial nominees, saying that they shouldn’t cringe at negative results from Congress if they are intent on choosing such “controversial” candidates for the job.

Marshall also said that he had voted down three Republican budgets and three Democratic budgets while searching for one that achieved a “truly fiscal conservative” position. He says he doesn’t advocate raising taxes, but does stress smart spending by government.

When asked about the growing illegal immigrant problem in the country, Marshall spoke bluntly about his role in the issue.“Frankly, I can tell you that this congressman isn’t going to do anything about the immigration issue,” Marshall said. “Right now there are committees on the hill that are looking at that and focusing on that very issue. I’m just not going to get involved with it.”

Eunice Mixon, a longtime local Democrat, historian and educator, praised Marshall as one of the “old line” of Georgia Democrats.“He’s of the Sam Nunn and George Busbee variety,” Mixon said. “He’s a good conservative Democrat.”

Marshall graduated from high school in 1966 and headed to Princeton University where he went two years before dropping out to enlist in the Army. A decorated Army Ranger, Marshall was wounded in Vietnam before returning to the U.S. to get his law degree at Boston University.

Marshall eventually settled in Macon, where he taught law at Mercer University and was later elected mayor of the city. He is currently in his third term as the Congressional representative of the 3rd district.

(6-2-05, The Tifton Gazette.)


Blogger Rubyduby said...


Do you know how we could go about solving domestic issues that Congressman Marshall says we need to focus on? Oh, I don't know...how about we stop sending all of our money to the snakepit that is Iraq - something that Jim Marshall - is all gung-ho about supporting? If we stopped the war, we could afford to fund these domestic issues. We can't stop the war because of Blue Dogs like Marshall voting with the Bush Administration! I'm sick of it and I'm sick of his lame ass excuses for continuing this travesty known as the Iraq War.

If we have to lunge so far to the left that we can't even see the middle anymore to stop this war, then it will be worth it.

Unless Jim Marshall just wants to declare himself a Republican because we all know they think you can get whatever you want without having to pay for it. We can solve all of our domestic issues, eh Jim? Well how are you going to pay for it when we spend billions of dollars a day in Bushie boondoggle?

And I just want to make sure that you know my anger isn't directed at you Sid, but at the senselessness of supporting an occupation that kills our most precious natural resources on a daily basis.


4:10 PM  

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