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Sunday, August 19, 2007

With Fulton Co. in favor of Grady restructuring & Vernon Jones opposed, I assume it is fair to ask that DeKalb Co. guarantee the $100 million loan.

From the AJC:

The head of the Grady hospital board on Saturday said she will propose a $125 million plan to stabilize the financially teetering hospital, which would include obtaining $100 million in loans to stave off closing the facility.

Pam Stephenson said she will submit the plan to the 10-member Grady board at its meeting Tuesday, and that she expects the board will approve it.

The key part of the plan is obtaining a $100 million line of credit. Stephenson said that within the last 10 days, two lending institutions have said they would lend the hospital the money — with a condition. Those institutions want either Fulton or DeKalb to stand behind those loans, she said.


Blogger Trackboy1 said...

Check the Comments section on www.GoDeKalb.com. DeKalb taxpayers will FREAK if Vern and the commissioners back the loan. strange but true that its more DeKalb officials than Fulton officials who are making this out to be solely about race, instead of providing the best healthcare without any more watse & corruption. I can not believe that they are unfinished floors from the 1993 bond.

11:11 PM  

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