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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rep. Jim Marshall responds to Rick Goddard's irresponsible statement.

Rep. Jim Marshall has responded to Rick Goddard's statement -- the subject of an 8-24-07 post -- saying: "Our current congressman was not there. He was overseas during the debate, and I think that’s wrong." As noted in the post, Marshall was in Afghanistan embedded with American special forces.

Rep. Marshall's response was in the form of an e-mail that is found in Travis Fain's Lucid Idiocy. It reads:

It's amazing what some people will say or do to get elected. In his political attack, General Goddard said I was absent for "the debate" on the Farm Bill because I was traveling "overseas" and failing to do my "duty."

First of all, the General obviously doesn't know how things get done in Congress. Before I left for my long scheduled "overseas," trip the Farm Bill debate was over in the Ag Committee - the bill was drafted and noses counted. And I knew I'd be back in time to help move the Farm Bill through the full House.

But the General's "overseas" and "duty" references are arguably unbecoming. He knows I was embedded with a Special Forces A team in a remote base along the Pakistan border. But he just calls that being "overseas." And if he doesn't think that's my "duty" as a Member of the Armed Services Committee, the General's not ready to represent Georgia in Congress. This isn't San Francisco.

I wrote a five-part series about my trip to Afghanistan. And I hope the Moultrie Observer will print it. That will let people know why it was my "duty" to make that "overseas" trip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick Goddard has no chance against Marshall. If these type of attacks are the only thing goddard has, marshall will cruise to re-election, plus you see the inexperience by Goddard & his campaign. Marshall will be safe.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marshall is in a world of trouble. Mac Collins was a good man, but not a strong candidate, Goddard has re-energized a large portion of the population here in Middle Georgia - I wouldn't be surprised to see Goddard win 53% to 47%. Marshall would have been better off running for the Senate.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bottom line is, it's:

"Goddard's Grassroots" vs. "Marshall's Money".

Marshall has a lot of PAC money as he has the big D.C. folks supporting him and of course the Trial Lawyers love him - but I agree with the previous quote, this lack of principled man is in a world of trouble this fall, Goddard is an increible candidate and Marshall will look to get negative fast as he looks to tear down a incredible American Hero.

Marshall is disgusting. He is a politician to the core, a disgusting career politician. I want to take the trash out and I want leaders.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard Mr Goddard speak at a meeting held by my company's CEO. I must say that he is an eloquent speaker who said a lot about what is wrong but not a thing about what he could and would do once elected. Anybody can say they are a better leader, which no doubt the General is a great leader, but where is your plan - what are YOU going to do? He sounds much like his Presidential party candidate... can show us what is wrong (which is something we already know), but can you tell me what is YOUR plan? There isnt one or surely he would have said so....

12:33 PM  

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