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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do we ever have our work cut out for us . . . .

According to the AJC's Political Insider, Chair Jane Kidd has announced that the Democratic Party of Georgia is out of operating funds, and the party’s annual fund-raiser, the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, will not be held until May 17.

“We made the payroll this week,” she said. “But we can’t do it again.”

Kidd said much of her first month in the leadership position has been spent going to donors throughout the state, trying to patch up the once-mighty party’s finances.

The party requires between $700,000 and $750,000 to keep its staff of 10 in rent money. That includes an executive director, who hasn’t been hired yet.


Blogger Amy Morton said...

It's time to get out our checkbooks. Grassroots does not =free. We need to support the JJ Dinner like never before, and I think that we can. The dinner is not until May, but that doesn't mean that we have to wait until then to buy tables. Let's get those contributions rolling in now. I challenge every Democratic group to make a plan to buy a table at JJ. If the coffers are full, write the check. If the coffers are empty, think about how to reach out to donors to fund the contribution. Let's think creatively about how to sell those tickets.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Sid Cottingham said...

"The dinner is not until May, but that doesn't mean that we have to wait until then to buy tables."

What a great idea Amy!! I hope all of our Party Chairs will join in and send the money in now. I am going to suggest it to our Party Chair.

12:18 PM  

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