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Monday, September 27, 2004

Okay class, let's take a vote on how we say it today: "I pledge allegiance . . . One Nation under [God/Allah/Buddha] -- Pledge Protection Act.

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a bill sponsored by the GOP -- although not endorsed by President Bush -- that everyone (I did not say most) recognizes has no chance of becoming law prior to the election. In fact, all recognize that it was introduced because we have an election in November. Thus the bill will die in the U.S. Senate or grits aren't groceries.

The bill outlaws Motherhood and apple pie.

Results of the House vote, 247 in favor to 173 opposed.

According to interviews conducted of those opposing, some favored Motherhood but not apple pie, some apple pie but not Motherhood, some Motherhood and apple but not pie, and some just pie but not Motherhood or apple. But none of the 173 were in favor of both Motherhood and apple pie.

Am I getting out on a limb to speculate that we might be hearing from Sen. Miller about some of these votes?


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