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Monday, September 27, 2004

Attorney General Thurbert Baker's mama didn't raise no fool. -- Baker invites Sonny Boy to join in defending gay bashing constitutional amendment.

In my Saturday 9-25-04 post titled in part "Judge Russell does not mess around. Effort to halt referendum falters," I noted that in my 9-24-04 post I had shared my thinking about why I had thought the Attorney General Thurbert Baker might not oppose the GOP legislators becoming parties because of the perception factor.

This perception factor was that with the legislators' defense team being present, no one could say that the case for the proposed constitutional amendment being legally OK would not be thoroughly defended.

The 9-24-04 also noted:

"I think this ruling could have gone either way because of various political considerations.

"Prior to the ruling being announced, I had thought that the Attorney General might not oppose the legislators becoming parties -- and may even have gone so far to to inform the Court that it welcomed the additional defendants.

. . . .

"Thurbert Baker is a class act, and ethics is high on his list of characteristics."

In the 9-27-04 PI Galloway and company report that:

"Before the hearing, we understand that Attorney General Thurbert Baker, another Democrat, invited Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue to formally join the lawsuit as a defendant.

"He declined."

Not only is our Attorney General a class act, a damn good and an ethical lawyer, he is also politically astute.


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