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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Driver's licences for Illegal Immigrants? What do you think this is, a world gone haywire? Yes says Bill Shipp -- Immigration-related posts, Part I

Bill Shipp, never known as one to mince words, leaves no doubt about how he feels about an upcoming vote during the next General Assembly.

In a current column captitioned "A World Gone Haywire -- In another time, no one would have taken seriously a demand for legal driving privileges for foreign lawbreakers. That time has passed."

Has our world turned upside down? Have our elected representatives abandoned us? Is there no outrage left?

One wonders.

The Legislature will shortly approve extending to illegal immigrants, many of whom can’t speak or read English, the privilege of holding Georgia driver’s licenses.

You can take the above prediction to the bank. California recently approved driver’s license privileges for that state’s million-plus illegal residents.

The first tentative moves have been made to do likewise in Georgia. Bills have been introduced. About 150 demonstrators showed up at the state Capitol last week to demand legal drivers’ licenses for illegals. That is just the beginning.

Hardly any ranking Georgia official raised a voice against the idea. Or if he or she did, it was articulated so softly as to be inaudible.

In fact, state Rep. Curt Thompson, D-Norcross, said he thought it was high time that illegal immigrants received legal driving privileges. “I think the other states have looked at this issue and decided it’s better for safe driving conditions, better for insurance issues and better for national security,” he was quoted.

Hey, pal, driving would be safer, insurance rates lower and our nation more secure if our government enforced immigration laws. The Twin Towers in New York would still be standing, 3,000 people in this country and 1,000 GIs in Iraq might still be alive and our airline and tourism industries might still thrive, if our government had enforced immigration laws.

In another time, no one would have taken seriously a demand for legal driving privileges for foreign lawbreakers. It would have been akin to asking gun toters to register their firearms or proposing an end to Confederate Memorial Day.

That time has passed. Illegal immigrants are now as much a part of the Georgia culture as grits. Georgia needs illegals. Several industries in our state depend on their low-paid labors.

Lobbyists on the national and state levels are working behind the scenes to make certain that illegals get the documents they need most to continue working here. Thus, the demand for drivers' licenses.

Government sources estimate that 228,000 illegal immigrants reside in Georgia. The true number may be as high as 1 million. No one knows for sure.

However, tax-paying citizens throughout the state know this for sure: Non-English speakers have swamped several school systems, reducing the quality of education measurably. Uninsured and illegal Mexican immigrants routinely overcrowd emergency clinics, seeking treatment for every imaginable ailment, minor and great. Local law enforcement in a dozen jurisdictions is stretched to the breaking point.

Still they come by the thousands, these illegal workers seeking a better life and a piece of American prosperity.

One might believe the illegal-immigration problem is a ready-made political issue that would stir up angry taxpayers. One would think formerly xenophobic Republicans or once-racist Democrats would go haywire over the subject. Sorry, such is not going to happen.

The issue is barely mentioned in mainstream political circles. President George W. Bush has proposed granting amnesty to illegals. Sen. John Kerry’s wife, Teresa, contributes huge sums through her charities for legal support of undocumented immigrants.

Both political parties patronize the illegals, hoping for more voter support from the Latino community.

Those who advocate enforcement of immigration and naturalization statutes are eyed suspiciously and treated as if they were out-of-touch cranks.

Make no mistake. The driver’s license issue is not just about safe motoring and better insurance coverage. A legal driver’s license, more than any other document, is an unquestioned key to American society and to services of all kinds.

Ask any state official how he or she intends to address this most serious matter of public policy. You may be lectured on the need to prevent the scourge of gay marriage or receive a detailed description of the horrors of a rarely performed abortion procedure. But don’t expect to receive an adequate response when you broach the tidal wave of unlawful immigration that is engulfing our state. The subject is nearly as touchy as the out-of-control killing in Iraq.

Let’s face it, taxpayers, we have been betrayed.

P.S.: Before you click the "send" key on that email, know this: The lady who has put up with me for more than four decades is an immigrant who dutifully reported her green-card status for years before she became a naturalized citizen the old-fashioned way. She learned the language, passed the tests on civics and history and swore her allegiance to the United States. Why can’t the current swarm of immigrants follow that example instead of demanding privileges even as they break our laws?

Dean, I could say you need not worry about getting an email of the nature you hint or any other nature from me. But you know that would be a fib on the latter part.

I have already sent you one yesterday that read "Tough Dean, tough. And all God's people said Amen brother, Amen."

This summer I caught flap at an NAACP forum when I was one of only two candidates in a field of eight Democrats would not commit to working to allow all immigrants from Haiti to enter the United States, the logic being because practically this is the situation with Mexico.

I noted that two wrongs would not make a right, and that with Haiti as with other countries, we have political asylum laws in effect.

This was not the politically correct answer the forum wanted to hear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the way people down there think ha? Although I do live in the most liberal state in the country, one tries to mantain there conservative values the best they can? What bothers you most? That we get a licence, which allows me to get to the job you would never lower yourself to do? Or the fact that if we are granted some kind of amnesty, most if not all immigrants will identify themselved with the left(Democrats)? or is this why you choose to be a (D)? you are conservative...lol...right...? so why do you call yourself a democrat? I woun't be able to run for office for another 10 years...by then I'll have my law degree...and experience...sir with all due respect the majority of these "imigrants" (of which your ansestors and your wife is)pay taxes just like you do when they get a job. If that is your problem be mad at your followers who decide to engage saving tax money by paying under the table! Here is idea for you...as believe it or not I to am a conservative...you want votes! listen convince the "imigrants" that they are republican...it's not hard...all you do is define to them the positions...they are conservative by nature...most are all catholic! hate gay marrige...apose abortion..have hard core family values..etr. We ignorantly identify with the left because in our countries even the left is right!..Take that horrid (D) off your name...you sir are a righty...Let me end by asking, what diffrence is there from me to you? Your relatives just got here earlier..I think I should have the same opportunity! You don't want me to because your already here? it sounds like two kids fighting over a toy in a sandbox. Don't loose the big picture! Why didn't I wait in line to come to this country? because a human being can only survive 7 days without food..and why don't you check on the process! My parents waited 6 years for a response from "the line" and nothing! Well I'm here..I'm not a law breaker!.I have become a tax paying citizen and reside in Mass...convincing "Imigrants" that they are conservative but to stay clear of the likes of you! My name is Carlos.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont hate la raza because most of us are hard working people. Without or Mexican labor, this country wouldnt be shit.
so give us a driver licence, we need it.
you bunch of haters.

12:00 AM  
Blogger dwissba said...

Hard working or not you may be, if you are illegal you need to be sent home. But I just don't blaime the illegals, the corporations of America need to be punished financialy when they hire illegal immigrants. If we Americans want our voices heard on this issue, and want out outrage known than we need to take to the streets and make it known. Remember the millions of immigrants who took to the streets demanding rights when the Bush administration was considering an immigrant bill? Where are the law abiding American Citizens (note I said American citizens) and why are we not taking to the streets in the millions demanding that something be done NOW about this?

8:43 AM  

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