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Thursday, February 06, 2014

The messaging battle over changes to state health care plan (and I don't like what I have seen and heard so far, and I usually am easy to please)

Greg Bluestein writes in the AJC's Political Insider:

State health officials are readying big changes to the state’s new health care plan in response to the outcry from some of the 650,000 teachers, public employees and others covered by the policies. But behind the scenes, a debate is raging over how to explain them.

As we noted on Friday, both parties tend to listen when teachers get angry. Especially when it happens to be an election year. And regardless of whether the changes likely to be approved on Monday satisfies them, expect to be hearing about the fallout until November.

An earlier 1-18-2013 article by James Salzer in the AJC entitled "State workers’ insurance plan becomes clash of the health care titans" reported how the state’s handling of its lucrative contracts to provide health care to 650,000 teachers, state employees and retirees has touched off lawsuits, job demotions among state employees and claims that one of the government’s biggest agencies engaged in “state-sponsored bid rigging.”


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