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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Liberal Donors Finding Home in Massachusetts Senate Race

From The New York Times:

Elizabeth Warren has been so prodigious in raising money for her Senate campaign in Massachusetts that she is on track to become the top fund-raiser for the Senate this year, as well as one of the top Congressional fund-raisers of all time.

Despite Ms. Warren’s clear fund-raising advantage, she and Mr. Brown are running neck and neck in the polls, a fact that underscores a hard reality for Ms. Warren: while she is popular across the country and has received contributions from all 50 states, the voters in 49 of those will not matter.

Along with a handful of other tossup races, this one could determine the balance of power in the Senate. But unlike the others, it has captured national attention. In deep blue Massachusetts, Mr. Brown, once a little-known state legislator, rode a wave of Tea Party anger to snatch the seat left vacant by the death in 2009 of the liberal lion Edward M. Kennedy, who held it for 47 years.
The Democrats want it back.


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