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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Yes! Obama's plan to dismantle Gitmo & create a detention center in U.S. have all but collapsed in the face of bipartisan congressional opposition.

From The Washington Post:

President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who continue to pose a significant threat to national security. The administration also said it will start new military commission trials for detainees there.

The announcements, coming more than two years after Obama vowed in another executive order to close the detention center, all but cements Guantanamo Bay's continuing role in U.S. counterterrorism policy.

Administration officials said the president is still committed to closing the prison, although he made no mention of that goal in a short statement Monday. The administration's original plans to create a detention center in the United States and prosecute some detainees in federal court have all but collapsed in the face of bipartisan congressional opposition.


Anonymous Atlanta Roofing said...

Obama has shown real backbone once again! He has thrown his supporters a bone that he has no intention of doing namely his meaninglesĀ¬s reviews! And he has caved in to those who demand we trash the constitutiĀ¬on of the United States. Once again we see that Audacity without Courage is worthless. It seems to have continued to impress only one person in the entire country.

12:41 AM  

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