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Friday, March 25, 2011

No racial charges and complaints please - Reverse Model T: Some Fords Won't Be Painted Black

From The Wall Street Journal:

Ford Motor Co. founder Henry Ford used to tell customers they could buy a Model T in any color as long was it was black. Not any more, at least for the time being.

On Thursday, the auto maker halted all new orders for trucks, SUVs and cars in "tuxedo black" and other hues due to shortages of some pigments made in Japan.

Ford, in a memo to its dealers, said its plants will continue producing the vehicles affected. But during the week of April 4, it will produce no F-150s, SuperDutys, Expeditions or Navigators in "tuxedo black," the memo said. Ford also will limit production of tuxedo black versions of the Explorer, Taurus and MKS at its Chicago assembly plant.

The action by Ford is the latest sign the devastation in Japan is having an impact on auto makers in other parts of the world.


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