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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unlike the Dems named in the joke from the Cracker Squire Archives, Sanford ‘Lazarus’ Bishop opens his eyes and says no to Nancy Pelosi.

Today "been on fire" Jim Galloway of the ajc's Political Insider does a post entitled "Sanford ‘Lazarus’ Bishop says no to Nancy Pelosi" that notes:

Sanford “Lazarus” Bishop, having just finished a close fight to keep his seat, isn’t in the mood to gamble again.

The southwest Georgia congressman on Wednesday declared that he won’t support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to remain the Democratic leader when Republicans take control of Congress in January. From the Albany Herald:

“I have nothing against Speaker Pelosi; she has worked tirelessly to bring Democrats together,” Bishop said. “But given the fact that we suffered substantial losses in the election, I think a new face is needed for leadership of the Democratic Caucus. I am part of a group looking for an alternative."

I assume that in announcing his intention to buck Speaker Pelosi's decision announced Friday, Bishop was acting out of self-preservation and also perhaps signaling that he was not buying into the post-election message coming from President Obama and Pelosi that they didn't see the election defeat as a repudiation of their agenda and their leadership.

If updating the below joke taken from a 11-13-04 post from the Cracker Achives, I would substitute Obama and Pelosi for Kerry and Edwards:

I know you've heard the joke that goes something like:

John Kerry was walking toward the Capitol and sees a young girl with a newly born litter of puppies. Seeing the young girl's mother in the corner of his eye and wanting to impress about how he is not as snobbish as she might have heard, he stops and asks the little girl: "What kind of puppies are these?" The girl smiles and says "They're Democrats."

The next week Kerry is walking toward the Capitol with John Edwards and again sees the little girl with her litter of puppies. He tells Edwards, "You gotta' see this!"

Kerry walks up to the girl and asks, "Tell Sen. Edwards what kind of puppies you have these?" "Republicans" the young girl replies.

"But last week you said they were Democrats!" The little girl looks up and smiles, and then says, "They were then, but now their eyes are open."


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