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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is a smart move. Democrats beware: Endangered Colorado Republican Bets on Vote Against Bailout

From The Wall Street Journal:

Betting on voter outrage over the Wall Street rescue bill before Congress, a three-term Republican congresswoman struggling for re-election has come out strongly against the bailout even before the final package is hammered out.

The rural Colorado district has long been solidly Republican. But three-term incumbent Marilyn Musgrave, an icon among social conservatives, has watched her margin of victory shrink with every election. Last time around, in a three-way race, she won with just 46% of the vote.

The bailout debate has given the Republican the chance to try to change the dynamic of her race with a forceful populist appeal.

"For years, Americans on Main Street have heard about the lavish excesses of Wall Street. We heard about their mansions, exotic cars and, above all, record profits," Rep. Musgrave said Monday. "Now, the party is over, and the same bankers are asking working families across the country to bear the consequences of their excess and greed. I refuse to burden families already struggling with soaring energy and food prices with bailing out investment banks that made bad decisions."


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