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Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Hillary Clinton's Datebook, A Shift -- Events Less Lofty After Health-Care Debacle

From The Washington Post:

Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in the White House with a schedule befitting a president, packed with policy sessions, meetings with senators and trips to promote an ambitious political agenda. But after the collapse of her health-care plan in 1994, she largely retreated to a more traditional first lady's calendar of school visits, hospital tours, photo ops and speeches on a narrower set of issues.

The release of 11,000 pages of Clinton's daily schedules as first lady yesterday opened a window into the shifting patterns of her eight years in the White House and provided fresh fodder for the debate over the scope of her experience.

She met her close friend Vincent Foster, the deputy White House counsel, for official reasons just three times in the six months before he killed himself in 1993.

On a personal note, Vince Foster was also my close friend. He was my big brother in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.


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