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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on the Michelle Obama comment: Food for thought from someone I never agree with (& don't on all he says, especially the last paragraph).

Last night when I learned about Michelle Obama's "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country" comment, I did a post urging her to "apologize to her country or otherwise clarify what in the world she could have meant and get it behind her."

Today the AJC's Political Insider shares the following comments from Ralph Reed, the former Georgia GOP chairman:

“The reason why I think this isn’t going to go away, unless she apologizes quickly, is because it plays into a stereotype about the left wing of the Democratic Party, that it blames America first, that they don’t see the greatness of America, and it really makes me wonder if somebody who is roughly about Barack and Michelle’s age, what country she grew up in.

“I mean, I was proud of America when we won the Cold War and the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated. I was proud when we expelled Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. I was proud when we liberated 50 million people from the Taliban of Saddam Hussein. I was proud when we provided humanitarian aid to the victims of an earthquake in Iran and to a tsunami in Asia.

“I think the other thing it does is it plays into this weakness that’s developing that the Obama candidacy is sort of a modern political equivalent of Beatle mania rather than a legitimate aspiration to be commander-in-chief.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets not forget about larry sinclair the slow man trying his best to get his story out about Obama being bi-sexual. Doing crack and gay sex acts with Obama in 1999 in a LIMO

1:37 AM  

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