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Sunday, November 04, 2007

DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones tried to make whites quit, attorney tells 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

From the AJC:

DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones and his top aides created a hostile work environment through intimidation and humiliation to bring a "darker administration" to the county, a lawyer told a federal appeals court Friday.

The executives decided they would not fire white managers and replace them with blacks because that would be blatantly illegal, attorney Chris Anulewicz said. Instead, he said, Jones and his top aides did "whatever else it takes to make them quit."

Anulewicz asked a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a judge's ruling a year ago that allowed a race discrimination and retaliation lawsuit to go to trial. . . . The court is expected to issue its ruling next year.

Even if the court were to assume Jones's actions rose to the level of a constitutional violation, [Jones's lawyer] argued, the CEO should be shielded by qualified immunity. This doctrine protects public officials from liability unless it is shown they violated clearly established laws or rights that a reasonable person should have known.

There is no way the defense of qualified immunity will prevail in this action. What is of utmost interest is whether there is any way the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals -- that sits in Atlanta and reviews federal district court cases from Georgia, Florida and Alabama -- will rule on this appeal early enough for the lower federal court to have a trial prior to the November 2008 election (although I am still not 100% convinced that Jones will qualify to run for the U.S. Senate).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane Kidd better find a candidate that she & state democrats can support or Jones will win the nimination & get triunced by chambliss in 2008 making the democratic party invisible to Georgia as a result probably more democrats retiring or switching parties.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Trackboy1 said...

Vernon is amazing. Here he race baits, fans the flames between North & South DeKalb, and calls out a fellow Democrat, Burrell Ellis. How many US Senate candidates question the "testicular fortitude" of someone from their own political party? And what does he mean by "carnies"?

The dude has completely lost it.

DeKalb bar hours: County needs to increase revenue
Friday, November 9, 2007
Atlanta Business Chronicle - by Vernon Jones

It's becoming more and more apparent that Dick Williams' involvement in the proposal to shorten DeKalb County's bar hours is multifaceted ["Bar flap gets uglier," Right Word, Nov. 2].
Dick, loosen your bow tie and look around. The proposal to eliminate
property taxes, by House Speaker Glenn Richardson, will surely have
an impact on DeKalb. The outcome is yet to be determined, but it will likely decrease revenue.
It was recently reported and confirmed by state officials, including Sen. Jack Hill, R-4th District, chairman of the Appropriation Committee, that while state income taxes are up, sales taxes are down. The question of declining tax receipts and the proposed incorporation of the city of Dunwoody -- if passed by the General Assembly -- will also have a negative impact on DeKalb revenue. These issues, coupled with the possibility of a national recession, fueled by increased energy costs, make it even more important for local governments to maintain and increase local revenue.
The enactment of Commissioner Jeff Rader's proposal will not only
impact DeKalb's revenue, but also the income of businesses who pour
until 4 a.m., and their employees. To say that Tucker, the Northlake
Mall area and Embry Hills are becoming the epicenter of late-night entertainment is not only an exaggeration, but it falls into the
category of hysteria, narrow-mindedness and the "old shortness" of my bow tie-wearing friend.
Williams' assertion that "the hip-hop culture is more about 'gangstas' than music" makes a great statement to his
insensitivity to diversity and other cultures. The proposed
compromise discussed by Williams in his column is a glaring example
of neo-conservative fiscal irresponsibility. Taxpayers should not be saddled with the cost of the mini-referendum that Commissioner Rader is proposing.
DeKalb has long been recognized as a fiscally responsible and
conservative government. I have demonstrated this throughout my
administration. The tax, tax, tax, attitude by Williams, in support
of Commissioner Rader, is a slap in the face to DeKalb County's
taxpayers and homeowners. I do not believe the other six
commissioners will support this kind of a tax increase on the
citizens of DeKalb County.
Another facet of Williams' column is his apparent endorsement of
Burrell Ellis for CEO. Don't you find it interesting that a major
supporter of the dissolution of DeKalb County would muster up the
testicular fortitude to dare to endorse a candidate for a county he
wants to remove himself from? Businesses and voters, especially in South DeKalb, will be paying close attention not only to candidates, but also to their agents of support.
Burrell Ellis has a difficult decision to make. Will he represent the people of DeKalb County in this period of declining revenue? Or, will he go along to get along with neo-cons, carnies and agent provocateurs, especially Dick Williams.

Jones is CEO of DeKalb County.

1:13 AM  

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