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Sunday, June 17, 2007

10th Congressional District race -- Potential harbinger of next year's congressional campaigns.

Shannon McCaffrey of the Associated Press writes:

In what could be a harbinger of next year's congressional campaigns, Iraq and immigration have dominated the special election to replace deceased Republican Rep. Charlie Norwood in northeast Georgia.

The election on Tuesday is the first congressional contest since the Democrats won control of Congress last year and it will be watched closely for any clues it might provide to the high-stakes 2008 elections. A strong Democratic showing in the GOP-leaning district could spell more trouble for Republicans next year as the war in Iraq continues to loom.

The state Democratic Party has taken the unusual step of endorsing [James] Marlow, although there are two other lesser-known Democrats running . . . .

[W]hile the district is heavily Republican, it is not as much so as it used to be. That's because in 2005 state lawmakers redrew congressional lines to make the neighboring district of Democratic U.S. Rep. John Barrow more competitive for a Republican. Republican lawmakers took liberal Athens out of Barrow's district and placed it in Norwood's. Despite the move, Barrow narrowly won re-election last year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Marlow forces a runoff which I think he will, he will win the 1oth district & in result will cause huge ripple effects across the country.

10:42 AM  

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