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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dems breaking rank angers Democratic Minority Leader DuBose Porter -- The Democratic party leader says Speaker Richardson now considers them a joke

From the ajc:

Seven Democrats broke party ranks in the House of Representatives Monday to reelect Republican Rep. Glen Richardson (Hiram) as speaker, a move that doesn't sit well with their Democratic leader.

Porter (D-Dublin) said the Democrats who voted for Richardson did so because they think they could get plum committee assignments."

And really that is kind of shallow," Porter said without referring to any specific legislator. "You are still going to be a minority on that committee. It is not going to mean anything. And you have lost more respect among your own caucus — in your own constituency — than anything you have picked up in trying to curry favor with someone who now considers you a joke."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really a stupid comment by DuBose, ALL the dems voted for Burkhalter for Speaker pro tem.

DuBose is just mad b/c he won't get the plum assignments.

Had there been another Republican challenging Richardson then these crossover Dems would look silly. Otherwise, the Dems should do whatever they can to secure power for passing or amending what little legislation they can.

5:47 PM  

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