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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cathy Cox Comments on Perdue's Plan for School Closings on Monday & Tuesday.

From 11 Alive:

Democratic candidate for governor Cathy Cox released the following statement about Sonny Perdue’s surprise announcement at 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon that schools would be closed across the state on Monday and Tuesday. Perdue’s announcement was made after schools closed and most children, teachers, and administrators had gone home.

“Clearly, the Governor didn't consider the impact of this stunt on working Georgians. He must not realize how much Georgia families will have to spend for last-minute child care alternatives for their children on Monday and Tuesday. What was he thinking?”

“Parents, teachers and principals across Georgia just had their lives thrown into chaos. With no warning or offer of assistance, Perdue is forcing parents to find childcare or take days off work. Schools are scrambling to get the word out about Perdue’s stunt late on a Friday afternoon because he didn’t show steady leadership.”

“We needed calm, level-headed, common sense in the Governor’s office but it was nowhere to be seen today. Sonny Perdue is just plain out of touch.”


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